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Venue Secured


July 16th, 2014


Once again the Central Institute of Technology has come on board with the BIM Day Out to provide their world class facility for The BIM Day Out 2014. 30 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Western ...

BadBIM news


February 21st, 2014


Unfortunately The BDO committee has some very sad news to share with you all. We were informed this week by the Central Institute of Technology that their IT guru and BDO “roadie” ...

What is The BIM Day Out?

Well basically it’s a festival of BIM! So what does that mean for you, the fans? Headlining BIM superstars, different software genres, multiple stages and presentations, hands on activities and collaboration jam sessions…. So it’s ‘about as much fun as BIM is ever going to be’. The event is unique in that it spans across all Industries involved with BIM from Educators to Facility Management. It endeavours to create connections in a traditionally segmented and sometimes adversarial Industry.

Are you serious?

About BIM? We are, very serious… The BIM Day Out has been envisioned as a hands on and practical BIM conference. It is based around a progressive agenda that’s focused on challenging the participants and enables them to take away experience, skills and knowledge to influence and innovate within their practice.


The BIM Day Out offers four distinct streams, with morning and afternoon sessions, across two days.  They are:

  • Basic BIM; a focus on the essentials to give attendees a good understanding of BIM and what it is and isn’t.
  • Advanced BIM; showcasing the future, what can be done, what is on the cutting edge of research, software, and education.
  • Practical BIM; Hands on Labs from Basic to Advanced levels presented by Specialist Industry experts
  • BIM Demo; Test drive the latest Software guided by Vendor ‘gurus’.

If you don’t leave a complete BIM Geek we will be rather surprised!