Oliver Ridgewell

Oliver Ridgewell


July 23rd, 2015


Global Product Specialist for Enterprise Asset Management,  Trimble UK

Based in the UK, Mr Oliver Ridgwell is the Global Product Specialist for Enterprise Asset Management with Trimble Real Estate & Workplace Solutions. EAM focuses on strategic capital investment planning along with works and facilities maintenance using an integrated works management platform. These solutions are designed to help organisations improve performance, reduce cost, add value and manage risk.

Using Trimble EAM and IWMS solutions, building owners and operators are able to make evidence-based decisions to optimise asset performance in line with long-term business objectives.

Following the acquisition of Gehry Technologies, Oliver has assisted with Trimble’s BIM to FM capabilities for Atrium™ EAM, which aims to create a seamless workflow between project BIM data and asset management via the Trimble Connect™ web platform.

Besides clients such as Network Rail (UK) and Environment Agency (UK), Oliver has recently overseen the implementation of Trimble’s EAM platform for the Department of Education & Training in Victoria which encompassed over 1,500 government schools, including 17,000 habitable buildings across 8,500 hectares of land.

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