PlusSpec: An Australian innovation for BIM/VDC and Leaner  Construction

PlusSpec: An Australian innovation for BIM/VDC and Leaner Construction


July 23rd, 2015


Presenter: Andrew Dwight

In the last century the technological revolution has enabled the manufacturing industry to triple their

production – and yet, the construction industry has become less productive, and more wasteful. How is
this possible?

In Australia, design and construction professionals operate in a very high-cost environment. Productivity
and waste reduction are essential for our continued prosperity – and yet we continue to be hamstrung by
errors and other compounding issues that technology should have made antiquated. Australia has a 29%
productivity waste, and a seven billion dollar capital direct waste, every year. In comparison, countries
such as Scandinavia and the UK have recently implemented Government-mandated technology for the
construction industry, and are now achieving 1% productivity waste, through BIM software. However, the
high complexities of these software packages have created a plethora of new problems for the industry,
which do not result in lean construction.

The problem with technology is that as it becomes more prevalent in the day-to-day business of our
industry, the easier it is to become lost – not knowing which platform to use, or who to believe. And
although the architecture and manufacturing industry are adapting to BIM, a large percentage of the
construction industry are unaware of its advantages, or even understand what technology is now

In this presentation, Andrew will highlight how software needs to improve, so that it can better integrate
with the design and construction industry. He will suggest that although BIM is the future for the
construction industry, it is also fraught with innumerable problems and challenges that need to

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